The Numb Vagina & How To Reclaim Your Pleasure.

Experiencing a numb vagina is incredibly common.  It is the most popular complaint I hear from women.  I have also experienced numb vagina and a lack of sensation several times in my life.  A numb vagina can be caused by many factors.  It can be caused by general stress and/or shame.  It can be caused by trauma or bad sexual experiences.  It can also be caused by being in the head too much during sex.  This is also a stress related habit.  This stress stores within the cells of our body and creates an armouring.  It is our body’s way of protecting us from the stress of life.  But it creates numbness.  The vagina and womb area is such a centre of power for us.  It connects us to so much more than sexual pleasure.  It is deeply connected to our truth.  It is also involved in our connection to the Earth.  Grounding us into our truth.  When we experience numb vagina we can lose touch with that centre of power.   As women, we are bombarded with all kinds of rubbish about how to behave sexually.  Don’t be too sexy, don’t be too frigid, keep your knees together etc etc. I feel it is so important for us to let go of the shame and reclaim power over our sexuality.  4acda905c153a939984fd9c3a5777020

Here is a little about my story and how I came to experience the numb vagina.  After eight years of Tantra I can now see that I was never taught good boundaries. I was never taught to speak my authentic no’s and yes’s.  I was never taught to know the difference.  But I was taught how to keep other people happy.  I was subtly taught that keeping other people happy was very important! This is nobodies fault.  It is simply the way it was for past generations.   Sexually, I didn’t know what my authentic yes was and what my authentic no was.  Sometimes I thought that I wanted to make love with someone.  Now I know my body was actually saying NO! Quite loudly in fact.  After a while and many mistakes my body began to shut down.  I lost sensation and the art of experiencing sexual pleasure. I then came to experience the numb vagina. This is just one of the reasons it can happen. The work I have done through Tantra and conscious sexuality has really helped me to step into my truth and enabled me to speak my authentic no when I need to.  Knowing your boundaries, knowing what your authentic no and what your authentic yes feels like within the body is incredibly powerful and important work that is often under estimated.

Once I found Tantra it was literally a God send.  I spent eighteen months having monthly sessions with different practitioners.  Now my entire body is more sensitive than it has ever been.  There are times when I am so busy in my life that I forget to give myself the self care that I need.  When this happens, I can experience a numb vagina again.  The things I do to help are:

  • Body work: self pleasure or intimate massage lead by my body. ( I follow my pleasure.  I Use the breath to breathe into my touch to help with this.)
  • I dance and connect with the earth through meditation.
  • I allow myself to release emotions trapped in my body that are causing the numbness. This means crying as loud as I need to if necessary!


You don’t need to put up with a numb vagina! It is totally possible to re-sensitise your body.  It will take you on a journey that will bring so much pleasure and self empowerment.  Don’t put up with the numb vagina.


Are you experiencing a numb vagina?  Do you lack sensation?  Yoni Healing and vaginal Mapping sessions combined with coaching can really help.  We need at least two hours for this type of session.  Please see my Healing Sessions Page here.

Please call me on 07445722481 for more details.  you can also use the contact form here.


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