Body Image Issues: How To love Your Body

Learn how to overcome body image issues. Learn how to love your body.

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Body image issues: We are constantly bombarded with images of how we should look.  For many years now the beauty industry has been using shame and telling women they aren’t good enough to sell us products and make money.  Read more about this here.  Of course this type of campaign causes body image issues.  The truth is we’re all meant to be different shapes, sizes and colours!  Variety really is the spice of life!  How do you feel about your body?  Do you feel you have body image issues?

I’ve spent many years going to Tantra workshops.  Learning to love your body is a big part of becoming more embodied.  Yet even with all the training I’ve had I can still be so cruel to myself at times.  Have you ever caught your inner dialogue?  Would you spend time with someone who spoke to you that way? Over coming body image issues is definitely something that takes many years.  Perhaps a lifetime.  But It’s worth it.  You’re worth it!  Because being sexy isn’t really about being super skinny with perfect skin.  Being sexy starts with feeling sexy.  In fact that’s all you need.

I would like to share some of the ways I help myself to overcome my own body image issues:

A regular, conscious self pleasure practice 

Over come body image issues with a regular, conscious self pleasure practice.  Move away from the quickie to knock you out before bedtime and save an hour for yourself perhaps once a week. Take your time over your body.  Be the lover you’ve always craved!  Because lets face it.  No one but NO ONE is going to be able to make love to you like you can!  Its your body after all.  If you can’t make love to yourself in a way that feels amazing don’t expect anyone else to!  Getting to this point takes time and a little dedication.  A regular and conscious self pleasure practice helps me to see and feel the beauty of my body.  It helps me notice the softness of my flesh.  It helps me notice how utterly feminine I am and how wonderful that feels.  I forget about lumps and bumps. There’s no one to impress but me.  I move into my pleasure.  When I feel sexy I am sexy.  This is your new mantra!  Repeat!

“When I feel sexy, I am sexy.”

Visit spa’s, go to Tantra workshops, or other places where you’ll see many naked bodies

Over come body image issues by visiting spa’s & Tantra workshops. Now I know this sounds a bit scary.  You can go to women’s only spa’s and women only Tantra workshops.   This is where you see so many different shapes and sizes.  You’ll start to see how beautiful it is that we are all different shapes and sizes. I know a spa in West London that has women only days and you can be naked. It’s not particularly glamorous.  But it feels lovely to be naked with lots of other people.  It’s like everyone has their mask off.  It feels real and beautiful. I often go there to chill out.  See here for more details.  There are also many women only Tantra workshops.  Shakti Tantra is the one I know the best.  This was really the start of my journey of looking at my body image issues and learning to overcome them.  I also met loads of amazing women this way! Patriarchy teaches us that women are weak.  And being a woman is all about being pretty, thin, silent and graceful. ( Just for fun please see: man who has it all on twitter.  A spoof page that sums this rubbish up perfectly)  Women only Tantra workshops were the start of me understanding the power and the beauty of the feminine that had been denied me for so many years.

Dance Classes and Massage

Over come body image issues by using your body in ways that make you happy.  Visit a dance class of your choice or go for a massage.  Personally, I love to belly dance.  When ever I dance I re-connect with my femininity.  Remember to be patient with yourself while you’re learning.  It feels good to take care of my body in this way to. I shall be running some dance workshops soon that focus on reconnecting with the earth, our femininity and our creative flow.  Watch this space.

It’s so nice to receive a massage to.  Giving to your body and taking care of your body in different ways is a great way to over come body image issues.  Sometimes I just go for a fifteen minute one if I don’t have time.  It still feels great and reconnects me to sensuality.

Watch your inner dialogue

Overcome body image issues by watching your inner dialogue.  Remember you are always listening! You could spend some time making a small list of things you love about yourself every day, breathing into every note you make.  When you catch yourself being unkind, remember that list.  Or at least something from it.


I offer sessions to help people overcome body image issues. They may involve some nudity.  But we can go at your pace.  Please see here or call me on 07445722481 for more details.


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