I work with you at the level & pace in which you are comfortable.

Explore & expand your capacity for pleasure in a safe & comfortable environment.  All sessions are geared towards helping you to become more embodied through breath, sound, movement & touch.  Some sessions can involve massage.  If you prefer to work with your own touch, this is fine to.  Some sessions can be clothed, some unclothed.

Through these sessions you will learn self love & confidence.  You will begin to see yourself as a beautiful, sexual woman.  You will learn more about your body’s unique way of experiencing pleasure and you will expand upon this.  You will also learn how to communicate your needs and and boundaries to your lover, taking this wisdom into your relationship and in turn teaching your lover how to be even more skilled.

Some of the things we’ll cover in sessions exploring pleasure are:

  • Consent & boundaries – Learn more about your authentic yes’s & no’s.  Become more embodied.  Improve your ability to listen to & hear your body.  Learn more about respecting its needs & desires.
  • Self pleasure coaching – Know Thyself.  Release shame around self pleasure, increase self love, confidence & self awareness.  Learn ways in which to expand upon your pleasure repertoire.
  • Touch-  Everyone’s body is different.   Everyone’s touch is different.  Explore different kinds of touch.  Learn more about the kind of touch your body loves.
  • Learn more about how to ask for what you want.
  • Expand your body’s capacity for pleasure through breath, sound, movement & touch – Did you know there are ways to reach orgasm & beyond without touching your body once?  Learn to use breath, intention, movement & visualization to expand & enhance pleasure.
  • Orgasm coaching – Learn how to expand on your orgasmic potential.  Learn about different types of orgasm.

If there is something you would like to explore that is not listed here, feel free to contact me & ask about whether I can help you or not.  If I can’t, I will refer you to someone who can.

I offer Pleasure sessions for 130 an hour.

I also offer online Pleasure coaching sessions via Zoom or Skype.  In an online pleasure coaching session you can learn about:

Breath Coaching
​Pleasure Coaching
​Authentic Consent
​Sexual Health and Wellbeing
Sexual Anatomy
Sexual Dysfunction​
​Orgasmic Yoga ​
Tantra/Taoist Practices

Online pleasure coaching sessions are 70 an hour.


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