Deep within the cells of body lies the memory of our lives.

Anything traumatic has a numbing effect upon the cells of our body, preventing us from feeling & from being embodied. Healing sessions release this numbness & trauma.  They unlock the flow of sexual energy (Kundalini energy) within the body.  Helping us to re-connect to our sexuality & our vitality for life.  Once we are grounded into our truth in such a way we are reconnected to the ancient goddess wisdom that exists within us all.  We become more intuitive & more connected to all that surrounds us.  We have a better idea of what is right for us & what serves us.  In turn we become happier & more relaxed in general.   All healing sessions involve some movement, breath & bodywork.

We can work to heal issues surrounding :

  • Shame
  • Sexual trauma
  • Body confidence issues
  • Numbness within the body & lack of sensation
  • Sexual Confidence
  • Healing Scar Tissue

Some of the sessions offered are:

Yoni Healing – An ancient & powerful Tantric practice.  Yoni healing is fantastic for releasing trauma or any kind & re-sensitising the sex.  It grounds us into the present moment.  Thus empowering us in our ultimate truth.

Yoni Mapping – Explore blockages to pleasure with yoni mapping.  Using our intuition to guide us, we will explore the different sensations & emotions hidden within your body that may be stopping you from reaching our deepest potential for pleasure.

Rosetta Mapping – The anal area is a place within the body that can store a lot of fear & shame.  Fear creates tension within the body which in turn can affect our digestive system & our general mood.  The rosetta is also a place that has the potential for experiencing great pleasure.  Rosetta mapping sessions can explore what feelings are present in this area for you. Helping you to access even more pleasure.  It can also help with constipation, acid reflux and Haemorrhoids.

Scar Tissue Remediation – Using Castor oil packs & massage we will begin to break down the scar tissue, improving the appearance and sensation of the area where ever it is on the body.

I offer Healing sessions for 130 an hour.  Generally we’ll need about two hours at least.

I also offer online sexual healing sessions via Zoom or Skype. In an online sexual healing session you can learn about:

  • Breath Coaching
  • Pleasure Coaching
  • Authentic Consent
  • Sexual Health and Wellbeing
  • Sexual Anatomy 
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • ​Orgasmic Yoga ​
  • Tantra/Taoist Practices

Online Sexology sessions are 70 an hour.

Please contact me through the contacts page here for details or questions.