Useful Links

Here you will find details of Women’s circles, Red Tents & Tantra schools that offer women’s retreats and programs & other useful contacts that may help you on your journey of exploration & growth.  If you run a women’s circle & would like your group added please feel free to message me.  I’d be happy to add you. – shakti tantra have a whole program dedicated to women’s development.  I can highly recommend them. – red tents are monthly gathering circles for women to come together & support one another.  The Red Tent Directory is a great site for finding red tent gatherings in the UK &Europe. –  Jewels Wingfield offers earth based women’s spirituality retreats & circles.

Belly Dance Classes

I teach two different types of belly dance class:  One regular Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Class where you can learn about techniques, choreography’s, get fit, re-connect with your sensuality and learn to feel great about your body.

Back To The Sacred Cave: A Sacred Belly Dance Workshop for Women:  Here the emphasis will be on rediscovering our innate connection the Earth through women’s circle, belly dance, Tantric practice and Journeying.  You can find full details here: Women’s Belly Dance & Movement Workshops

and here: Sacred Women Belly Dance Meetup London/Bristol/Salisbury

Useful Books

There are some great books available on women’s sexuality.  Here are some to get you started:

Red Moon. By Miranda Gray – A great book for exploring the creative gifts of the menstrual cycle.

Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative & Forgotten Powers of the Feminine. By  Anaiya Aon Prakasha – An amazing book that works to awaken the powers of womb.


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